We are here to represent you at any public or private service in Portugal. As solicitors, we can work on due diligence, documentation or representation in legal affairs, for instance, those related with:

  • Heritage
  • Divorce
  • Real Estate
  • Vehicles
  • Companies
  • Taxes
  • Patents and Industrial Property
  • National Requests
  • Contracts
  • Georeference
  • Statements of Facts

Enforcement Agents

As enforcement agents, we're also qualified to perform any kind of debt recovery and evictions. We can help you find an amicable solution or enforce legal documents or decisions.

  • Debt Recovery Judicial or Amicable
  • Management of Credits and Payment Agreements
  • Debt Confession
  • Search of Debtor's Assets (PEPEX)
  • Executive Actions for Payment of Certain Amount
  • Executive Actions for Correct Object Delivery
  • Executive Actions for Factual Provision
  • Seperate Court Notices
  • Evictions